marți, 1 februarie 2011

My Blogroll: The Raving Atheist

TRA has a great post up entitled: Message of Christmas Marred by Violent Santa Displays. It is hilarious, I've posted it below, but please go and check it out:
New York, New York, December 13, 2005Special to The Raving Atheist
A holiday display outside a Manhattan brownstone depicting a bloody-bearded Santa holding a knife in one hand, and a severed doll's head shooting blood from the eyes sockets in the other, has provoked anger from parents who fear the gory display will traumatize their children.
The outrage is the latest in a series around the nation, including one
last week in Miami beach in which a blindfolded Santa was hanged from a tree, a noose around his neck and his arms and legs bound with wire.
"Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of a sweet baby, sent to earth to be beaten, whipped, scourged and impaled on a cross with rough spikes splintering the bones of his hands and feet," said Donna Rossi, the mother of two. "Why are they trying to destroy the meaning of the holiday by exposing our kids to brutal executions involving mythical characters?"
"This is blasphemy," agreed Father Thomas Mallory, standing in front of an icon of the Virgin Mary
miraculously shooting blood from her eye sockets like a South American horned lizard. "The gentle Yuletide message, for which Christ's flesh was flayed and pierced so that we all may now wash it down with His blood at Communion, is not served by these unholy displays."
The owner of the Manhattan exhibit, Joel Krupnik, claimed that he was merely protesting the commercialization of the Christmas season. "The moneylenders must be cast out of the Temple," he said. Scoffing at this excuse, Rossi suggested that she wouldn't be surprised if an angry, violent mob "decided to teach that crazy Jew a good lesson."

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