marți, 1 februarie 2011

Some quick updates

Some quick updates:
- I'm a wiggly worm in the TLLB Ecosystem. Alright!

- Carnival of Personal Finance #33 is up and my
goals post is listed. Yeah baby!

- As a follow-up to my
0% balance transfer post, a few things have changed. Credit card minimums are going up to 4% and emigrant direct (one of my online banks) has increased their rate to 4.25% APY. As a result, I expect to make roughly 3.32% APY on the 0% CC balance transfer. I expect to generate roughly $500 in passive income for Mr. and Mrs. FSA. Wohoo passive income! Also, it's been mentioned that doing these offers will hurt our credit score, and I'm aware of that. We're not going to be applying for anything important anytime soon, so I'm not worried about the hit we're going to take. Gotta love arbitrage.

- I've been mulling an idea for a series. I will be starting one called "Conversation with my sons". In each one I'll post a fictional conversation between me and my sons when they are older. The topics will be varied and I'll delve into many controversial issues. I figure the series will be enlightening to my readers as they learn more about me and I hope that it will provide practice for later in my life. When the time comes and my sons ask me some of these questions, it will be nice to have a template of sorts.